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Traumatic Brain Injury in Virginia

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Traumatic brain injury in Virginia is one of the most serious diagnoses you can receive after an auto accident, a slip and fall or another incident.

Although these injuries are often chronic, life-changing and irreversible, they are not always obvious at the time of the accident and may go undiagnosed. They are known as “invisible injuries” or the “silent epidemic.”

Brain injuries span a wide spectrum from concussions to serious injuries that leave the victim in a coma and may cause a loss of life.

How Prevalent Are Traumatic Brain Injuries?

According to Centers for Disease Control, about 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year. A TBI is a contributing factor in almost a third of all injury-related deaths in the United States. Every year:

·      More than 52,000 people will die
·      275,000 are hospitalized
·      1.36 million are treated and released from emergency departments.

If you or a family member suffers a traumatic brain injury caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person, you should hire an experienced Virginia brain injury lawyer as soon as possible

How a Traumatic Brain Injury in Virginia Can Impact Your Life

The brain is extremely sophisticated and complex. A traumatic brain injury can cause many diverse conditions and behaviors. The impact of a TBI on your life can include.

Costly medical care – If you suffer a traumatic brain injury in Virginia, you are likely to face a massive medical bill. Brain injuries are expensive whether your injury requires short-term care or a life-long care plan.

The loss of a job or educational prospects – In some cases, a TBI will impact memory, concentration and mood. You will no longer be able to hold down a job or continue with a college course. Even if you qualify for disability pay, this will only cover a portion of your former income. Losing your job may further affect your mood.

Strained family life – A TBI puts family relationships under stress. Some brain injuries cause anti-social behavior and withdrawal. The fabric of your family life may fall apart after sustaining a brain injury.

Poor concentration – A traumatic brain injury can lead to a wide range of cognitive problems. Poor memory and concentration can severely impact your life.

Pain and suffering – A TBI can cause a wide range of physical problems after an accident including extreme headaches and other forms of pain. A TBI sufferer can make a compensation claim for pain and suffering.


Causes of a Brain Injury in Virginia

Although brain injuries in sports make headlines, the most common cause of TBIs are falls, reports Brainline. The leading causes of brain injuries are as follows:

  • In 2013, falls caused more traumatic brain injuries than any other factor accounting for 47 percent of all TBI-related emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths in the United States. Falls disproportionately affect older and younger people. Falls accounted for 53 percent of traumatic brain injuries in children 14 or under.
  • Being struck by an object or against an object was the second leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. This cause accounted for about 15 percent of TBI-related emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths in 2013. More than a fifth (22 percent) of brain injury-related visited to the ER for children 15 or younger were caused by contact with an object.
  • Among all age groups, car, truck and motorcycle accidents were the third leading cause of TBI-related hospitalizations, ER visits and deaths. Almost 20 percent of TBIs were the result of traffic accidents. Motor vehicle crashes accounted for 14 percent of hospital admissions with TBIs.
  • Intentional self-harm was the second leading cause of traumatic brain injury-related deaths (33 percent) in 2013.

Liability for a Traumatic Brain Injury in Virginia

Another party may be at fault for a TBI. It may be a reckless, drunk or distracted driver. A negligent business owner or manager may have caused a fall by leaving an obstruction or a wet floor or not complying with building codes.

If an athlete sustains a concussion and is allowed to play on causing serious brain damage, a sports league, body, university or school may be liable for an injury.

Hire An Experienced Virginia Brain Injury Trial Lawyer

Stephen M. Smith, of the Smith Law Center, is an internationally recognized expert in traumatic brain injury (TBI) litigation. He has four decades of experience with brain injury cases and has secured jury verdicts up to $60 million. Mr. Smith and his team of experienced lawyers handle lawsuits across the United States and the world. His services are sought by other attorneys.

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