Rear-End Accidents in Virginia

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Rear-end accidents occur more than any other type of wreck in Virginia and other states. You may suddenly stop for an obstacle slowed-down traffic on the highway and another car crashes into the back of you. In other cases, the driver behind you is distracted or even asleep. 

Usually, the driver who crashes into the vehicle in front and causes a rear-end accident is to blame for injuries. There are exceptions. Although rear-end accidents are not usually as serious as head-on crashes and rollover accidents, it’s common to suffer from neck injuries such as whiplash and more serious injuries like fractures and brain injuries. 

How Often Do Rear-End Accidents Occur? 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, of almost 4.2 million car accidents involving at least two vehicles, almost 2 million were rear-end collisions.  

The fact rear-end accidents are common does not mean that they are not severe. Our Hampton trial attorneys have helped people who suffered horrendous injuries in rear-enders and the families of people who died. 

What Kinds of Injuries Are Caused by Rear-End Accidents? 

Rear-end crashes often cause whiplash. This is not a medical term. It refers to cervical hyperextension and hyperflexion injuries to the soft tissue around the spine. Whiplash is caused by sudden acceleration and deceleration. When a driver or a passenger is hit from behind, their head is often pushed rapidly backward and forwards. As many as 3 million Americans suffer whiplash injuries every year.  

The neck is particularly vulnerable in car crashes due to its ability to move in al directions. Whiplash injuries can be persistent but they are not as serious as brain and head injuries that can be caused by rear-enders in Virginia. 

People usually recover from concussions in a few weeks but serious traumatic brain injuries can be permanent. 

Rear-end accidents also cause knee injuries fractures, shoulder injuries, back, and spinal cord injuries, and shoulder injuries. 

Spinal injuries can be extremely serious and cause paralysis and other life-threatening conditions. 

What Causes Rear-End Collisions in Hampton? 

Every week rear-end collisions occur on I-64 in Hampton or on Big Bethel Road or Settlers Landing Road. Rear-enders are common in stop and go traffic like the kind seen on Jefferson Avenue in Newport News or Warwick Boulevard. There are many causes but driver inattention or negligence causes many of these wrecks. Causes of rear-end collisions include: 

       •      Tailgating

       •      Distracted driving

       •      Drunk driving

       •      Drugged driving

       •      Traffic congestion

       •      Tired driving

       •      Excess speed

       •      Road rage

       •      Mechanical failure

       •      Bad weather. 

In most cases, the driver who hit the vehicle in front is found to be at fault for a rear-end collision. Occasionally, the driver of the car that’ hit from behind is at fault. If a driver stops suddenly on a highway, runs a red light or fails to check for other traffic on the road, the driver who was hit may be judged to be at fault for a rear-end accident. The strict contributory negligence law in place in Virginia means you may not be able to make a recovery from the other driver’s insurance policy if you were even 1 percent at fault for a wreck. 

Talk to an Injury Lawyer After Rear-End Accidents in Virginia 

Rear-end accidents often cause serious injuries. Insurance companies seldom give people the compensation they deserve and need to recover from their injuries. Please contact our Hampton-based auto accident lawyers today for a free consultation.