Slip, Trip, and, Fall Accidents in Virginia

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Slip, trip, and, fall accidents in Virginia are one of the most frequent causes of injuries. Common trip hazards include slippery floors in stores, hotels, apartment complexes, and restaurants, uneven stairs, decks, and icy parking lots.

Not all falls that injure or kill people result in lawsuits. These cases are known as premises liability actions. They are often complicated and a business owner, landowner, or manager must have been to blame for the accident.

At the Smith Law Center, we have represented people who were hurt in falls for decades. Please call us as soon as possible if someone else was liable for your injury. You may have grounds to file a slip and fall lawsuit if your accident occurred on private or public property.

Do You Have Grounds for a Slip and Fall Claim? 

The circumstances of all cases are different and you should talk to an injury lawyer about whether you have grounds to file a lawsuit.

Some potentially-dangerous conditions that can lead to a slip and fall claim include:

·       Liquids spilled in a store;

·       Waxed or cleaned office floors lacking a warning sign;

·       Ice or snow outside a business;

·       Ripped or torn carpeting in a hotel, restaurant, or another premises;

·       Uneven flooring;

·       Gaps or trip hazards on the sidewalks;

·       Unsafe or crumbling stairs;

·       Ramps that fail to meet safety specifications;

·       Lack of safety rails or handrails;

·       Rotting balconies;

·       Unsafe decks:

·       Incorrect signage;

·       Cluttered waking areas;

·       Exposed tree roots;

·       Goods falling from stores;

·       Unsafe displays;

·       Dangerous showers in hotels;

·       Falls from beds in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

These and other dangerous conditions can all lead to slips, trips, and falls. A property owner or a manager must take reasonable conditions to prevent people from being hurt in falls. 

What You Should Do if You Are Hurt in Slip and Fall 

People who suffer injuries in a slip and fall should report their accident immediately to the business. File a complaint report. 

If possible, alert police about your accident so as an independent report can be made. Take photos of the scene and talk to witnesses. Get your injuries treated as soon as possible. 

The complexity of these cases makes it prudent to talk to a lawyer. Big businesses will often fight claims hard. An attorney can gather evidence such as video footage of the incident. 

Slip, Trip and Fall Cases in Virginia 

High verdicts and settlements are often awarded for some of the most serious slip and fall cases. 

In a recent case in Virginia, a woman received $6.5 million after mediation. She was partially paralyzed when she fell five stories down an open shaft in an apartment building she was a guest at. Her serious and permanent injuries included a thoracic spinal cord injury resulting in partial paralysis. 

The woman fell through a closet. Her lawyers argued the railing violated building codes requiring a 42-inch railing. They said closet doors should have been locked, and warnings should have been placed near the drop.  

In another case, a man who fell on a friend’s hunting property was rendered paraplegic. He was awarded $1.5 million. 

A landowner, business owner, or manager must be to blame for a slip and fall to be held liable. However, in a workers’ compensation case, fault does not have to be proved. 

In a recent case in Virginia, a worker who fell off a roof who damaged his spinal cord was awarded $1.2 million in workers’ compensation. 

These cases illustrate how slip, trips, and falls can result in terrible injuries. Falls are the most common cause of brain injuries in Virginia and elsewhere. Elderly people and young people are most vulnerable to serious falls. 

People Who Sue for Slip and Falls Must be Lawfully on the Property 

People who sue a landowner, a business owner, a manager or another party must be lawfully on the property. Trespassers have few rights to sue over a slip and fall accident. The only exception to the rule is that of a child who ends up on dangerous property that was not properly secured such as a swimming pool or a railroad yard. 

Call a Virginia Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer 

If you suffered an injury from a fall accident on another party’s premises, you should call a Virginia slip and fall attorney as soon as possible. At the Smith Law Center, our lawyers take on many premises liability and have a long record of winning verdicts and settlements for clients who suffered head and brain injuries. Please contact our Hampton-based fall injury lawyers as soon as possible.